PUMA is one of the great brands
which have made Solingen famous as the city of knives
Founded in 1769
we manufacture hunting knives, outdoor knives,
hunting pocket knives, folding knives for more
than 245 years in best hand-made quality.

  • 18-31755-Product_Primary_ImageProduct-5099

    Puma SGB SP Drop Point Hunter

    799 kr
  • 18-42826-Product_Primary_Image

    Puma SGB Snow River Hunter

    899 kr
  • 18-42834-Product_Primary_ImageProduct-3800

    Puma SGB Deadwood Canyon White Bone

    999 kr
  • 18-36345-Product_Primary_Image

    Puma SGB Boot

    699 kr
  • 18-36312-Product_Primary_Image

    Puma SGB Blacktail

    799 kr
  • 18-36102-Product_Primary_Image

    Puma SGB Trophy Care Set

    1 599 kr
  • 18-34616-Product_Primary_Image

    Puma SGB Elk Hunter

    1 199 kr
  • 25795668-origpic-962d99

    Puma SGB Coyote

    799 kr